Hey, ever thought  of having a hot dog cart brought to u. we can do anything, birthdays, wedding, bar/bas mitzvahs, funerals, office parties, games, blahblahblah.

We do anything from 25-2500. Fill out the form below and let us know what you need, we would luv to quote you a fair price.

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Catering Chicago Style

Chicago Hot Dog Cart / Buffet -  The original Chicago Style Vienna Beef Hot Dog on a Poppy Seed Bun.  Condiment Bar includes:  Pickles, Tomatoes, Sport Peppers, Relish, Onions and Mustard

Maxwell Street Polish Sausage - Start with a Vienna All Beef Polish and top it with mustard, Sauerkraut and Onions on a fresh Poppyseed bun baked fresh for your event.

Chicago Italian Roast Beef - Famous Scala sliced Italian Beef warmed in an Italian AuJus served on a French roll and topped with Authentic Spicy Gardinera veggie mix or Sweet Peppers

Italian Sausage Sandwich -  Famous Scala Mild Italian Sausage served a French roll and topped with a Red sauce, Authentic Spicy Gardinera veggie mix or Sweet Peppers

Chicago Italian Combo - This one feeds the hungry appetite with a combination of the Scala Italian Beef and Sausage served on a French roll and topped with Authentic Spicy Gardinera veggie mix or Sweet Peppers

Uncle Franky's Specialties - These treats are a Big Crowd Pleaser

Uncle Franky's Burger - Grilled on Site Hamburger or Cheeseburger adorned with Ketchup, Mustard, Pickle Chips and Diced Sweet Onions.  Wrapped in Deli Paper and held warm to really let the flavors brew.  They won't throw'em back, Guaranteed by Uncle Franky.

Detroit Coney Dog - These Skin-On All Beef Franks topped with All Beef Chili, Cheese and Onions will remind you of fond summer memories. 

Deli Sandwiches - The Warm Turkey Rachel is as good as the New York Pastrami, both stacked tall and filled with interesting toppings.  Let Uncle Franky create a signature sandwich the Crowd will never forget.  Try it and see!

Root Beer Floats - Every event needs a dessert that your guests will remember.  Root beer of Choice with an Extra Large scoop of Fresh Vanilla Ice Cream direct from the Creamery. 

Catering Bar-B-Que Style - We use our secret recipe Bar-B-Que sauce on a variety of sandwiches and entrées that will keep you asking "When did our Uncle Franky learn how to make this taste soooooo good?" 

Bar-B-Que Pulled Pork Sandwich - This one is served "Elvis" Style its a Hunk Slow Roasted Shredded Pork served on an Onion Roll topped with pickles, Cole slaw and Spicy Gardinera veggie mix.

Bar-B-Que Pork / Beef Combo Sandwich - This combo will provide fireworks for any occasion with the combination of our Slow Roasted Shredded Pork and Sliced Bar-B-Que Beef served on an Onion Roll topped with pickles, Cole slaw and Spicy Gardinera veggie mix.

Sliced Beef in Bar-B-Que Sandwich - Bar-B-Que Beef slow roasted and sliced thin served on an Onion Roll topped with pickles and Spicy Gardinera veggie mix.

Bar-B-Que Pork Rib Tips - These bite sized morsels are slow roasted and lathered in Uncle Franky's special recipe sweet and spicy Bar-B-Que goodness.  These are served with Baked beans, Cole slaw and a silver dollar roll.  Uncle Franky brought this recipe back from relatives in the Real Southwest. 

Meatball Sandwich - Four All Beef Meatballs served on a French Roll topped with grilled onions and Shredded Cheese for melt in your mouth flavor. 

All of these items, and actually almost anything on a grill we can do.  We offer many types of side dishes, and salads, all to match your event. We will work it for you, or box it for you, from 5 to 5000, it doesnt matter uncle franky can do it.

Fun Food Creates Fun Times and Motivates People to Remember your Special Event.  Let Us Create A Memory for you and Your Guests.  Get started and let us know what you need -- the Crowd will Luv You.

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