Add fries and pop to anything
Add chili, cheese, or both to fries
Add bacon

Uncle Franky Burger - 1/5th lb, standard issue with mustard, ketchup,
pickle and onion. /Single /Double /Triple /add cheese /add bacon

Windy City Burger - run it through the garden, mustard, sport peppers,
tomato, pickle, relish, onion. /Single /Double /Triple

Motown Chili Burger - our recipe with all beef and no beans, issued with
mustard, onions. /Single /Double /Triple /add cheese

Heavy Veggie - Classic gardenburger
/ add whatever u want, bacon and chili on this one.
/Single /Double /add cheese

Salmon Burger - troll caught king, jus jokin, this is ground sockeye and is
about 1/5 lb, served with mayo lettuce and tomato.
/add cheese

Baak Baak - on bun

Battered and fried - w/mayo, lettuce, tomato.

Grilled mesquite chicken - , w/mayo, lettuce, tomato.


Traditional Sandwiches

Classic Chicago Beef - 6oz World renown Vienna Beef piled atop either a
Turano or Gonnell a 5 1/2 bun, dipped in jus and piled with hot or mild giardinara.

Classic Combo - little less meat but add a mild sausage link

I Talian sausage - mild link from rope, first
broiled then finished on flat top, served w/red sauce and hot or mild giardinara.

NY NY - “the local” 80z hot pastami on fresh rye w/mustard, that’s it.
Includes chips.

NY NY - “tourist” 60z pastrami grilled w/onions, kraut and swiss on rye
includes chips.

Nordeaster - 6oz turkey, mild giardinara peppers and swiss, grilled on sub roll,
includes chips.

Philly Cheesesteak - respect to “pats” 6oz shaved beef grilled and put on a
flaky “schuylkill” roll with cheese whiz, add onions or giardinara, yes you may
substitute mozzarella or American, but no way swiss on a phil.


Hot Dogs

Good Stuff!
All dogs are natural cased 6/lb Vienna Beef U.S.D.A establishment #1
Add fries and pop to anything.

Uncle Franky dog - simple dog, mustard, ketchup, onion, relish.

Chicago Dog - mustard first, pickle, tomato, onion, relish, a few sport
peppers, and a dash of celery salt.

Coney Island Chili Dog - well this one I got to give in on, the recipe for the
true stuff is terrible for us, we make our own from ground chuck and some
Vienna beef. /Add cheese.

Wall Street - mustard, grill kraut and onion.

Polish Maxwell - all beef 5-1 spiced up dog, with grilled onion, actually called a
“yidtown” polish , add kraut for nada.

All dogs are steamed, but may be grilled or deep fried upon request
(this request may be laughed at ).
All buns have poppyseeds and are steamed.
For those ofu who follow strict laws, ask about our kosher program



Cheeseburger chopped and hot, at op/crisp mix of greens (no funny leafs),
tomato, onion and bacon. Also available with veggie burger or salmon burger.

Dressing: recommended thousand isle, but of course, vinaigrette, or bleu cheese.
Served w/gonnela roll.


Snacks n Apps


French Fry Boat, cheese, chili or both and topped with anything else
u can handle.

French frys, enough for 3 of ya.

Tom Tom boat (a Chicago tradition) somewhat authentic! 2s not
enough, and 3s too many, so we take 2 beef tamales and cover with
chili and cheese.

Grill Cheese, classic done perfectly.

Corn Doggie, Vienna Beef classic.



If you’re under 12 yrs old you can have anything on the menu, take

15% off. Kid must be present.



Worlds greatest chocolate malt

Almost world’s best chocolate shake

Strawberry or Vanilla as well

Hard shake/malt (ice cream and syrup in cup)

Phosphates (variety of flavors)

Malted milk (chocolate or natural)

Fountain soda: coke, diet, sprite, lemonade,
/Barqs and orange.
/Add Chocolate, cherry, vanilla, cokes